One size does NOT fit all !

We each have unique personalities. Even our thought processes are different. Your logical train of thought might be a limited express and mine might be a steam engine. Therefore, I might use a different way to store my keys or checkbook or important notes about what needs immediate action.

In addition to our unique selves, our situations and environments are one-of-a-kind. Our past histories and current life situations impact our organizational needs. I may be overwhelmed by a move or a death in the family; you may be facing a change of careers and dealing with research, a job search, and interviews. Someone else might be trying to pull things together but find that they get side-tracked by a problem they don’t know how to solve.

Organizing should be tailored to you, your goals and how you function.  I can teach you ways to approach the continuing process of keeping order, incorporating new papers and items and eliminating the things that no longer support your vision for yourself and your current lifestyle.

Change is a chain reaction…

Whenever we make a change in our lives, organizing soon follows. We need to continually adapt our surroundings to include new things and support our current activities.

Letting go of the past is often as important as embracing new opportunities. There is a grief process that accompanies parting with important people and work and activities that were close to your heart. And each job, hobby and relationship collected its share of “stuff” with the attached memories and emotions, good or bad.

We need space

Studies have shown that creativity requires space. To fully enter into something new, there has to be a space for it to thrive. Organizing can help you find the space and create an inspirational environment for your new activity or relationship.

Make organizing a habit

Organizing is something that we do every day, like making our beds. It keeps the clutter out of our lives and helps us make use of what we have. It’s not enough to “get organized”; you need to maintain order so that things don’t again begin to complicate your life. A good start is to always return things to their place after you use them.

Try it–organize something today!  If you need help, I can help you.

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