Spiritual Life Coaching

Have you struggled with big transitions in your life? They are crossroads that can lead you in very different directions. I have worked with a wide range of clients who have been faced with an equally wide range of important decisions.

A life transition can be forced upon you by an event that is outside your control or it may be something that your heart is calling for. In either case, you have to make choices that will affect your day-today life and impact those around you. It is important to consider your choices carefully with your whole heart–without this, your path may not feel right and won’t lead to the life you had hoped for.

How can coaching help me?

In my coaching I help you develop a heart-centered vision which incorporates your values and aligns you with your special place in life. Who are you, really? What do you uniquely have to give the world? Together we work on your goals, explore your consciously chosen values, overcome your fears, and learn how to deal with obstacles.

Working together

I share with you my years of experience and training in coaching, spiritual work, counseling, project development and organizing. My clients include people from all walks of life: business people, artists, doctors, professors, teachers and students.

I want to give you the very best service I can. I want us both to be happy! And I’m happiest when we are taking advantage of all that I have to offer during our work together.  I want to teach you skills that you can use for the rest of your life in addition to coaching and supporting you during a stressful time.

I want you to continue to learn about you, your world and how to express your special gifts after we have worked together so you can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that will come your way, even if some of those opportunities are disguised as crises. I think it’s interesting that the Chinese characters for “crisis” translate as a “dangerous opportunity”!  It can be hard to remember that the events in our lives offer us opportunities even when they are unexpected and scarey.

What does the process look like?

I offer packages of coaching and support for one, two or more months. This is the best way I know to help you incorporate our work into your life instead of just squeezing in pieces during in-person sessions. Concentrated work is necessary, but a better reflection of how we really operate is to offer you a number of ways to contact me during your daily life when you are faced with a question or  an unexpected obstacle. As you have questions, you can get in touch–before you forget the question! I’m here for you via in-person visits and phone and email contact. Of course you can also “read my mind” by checking out my blogs and information that I plan to offer on my website.

I will soon be posting a Coaching Packages page for more details. As I said on my home page, I am in the process of setting up this website–better late than never!

Until that time, please give me a call at 573-446-3783 or send me an email with your questions at I look forward to talking with you!

And afterwards?

People form a relationship with a coach and may return to work with them at various points in their lives. We all have times when we can use some help getting back in touch with our centers and choosing our actions from this place of strength and innate guidance. We often need to consider other perspectives,  learn new things, and enjoy support during difficult times.

Don’t hesitate to dip into coaching whenever you need it!  There is no limit to what we can learn and do, with our hearts in the right place!

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