Who am I?

Wow, that’s a really big question!  Perhaps I can give you a taste of some of my experience that is useful in my work with people and what motivates me.

I have a broad background which includes training in teaching, counseling, project development and organizing.  I was trained as a teacher and I have a masters in counseling with years of additional professional training in Adlerian psychology with The Americas Institute of Adlerian Studies and in Transpersonal counseling with the Institute of Psychosynthesis.

I enjoyed a private counseling practice for 14 years and I also work with people as a spiritual director. I have worked with many non-profit organizations and a university on project development and was an organizing consultant for 11 years. You might have known me before as Organization Plus, an organizing business which offered additional services (the “Plus”).

I’ve done a lot of things and had some great experiences along the way, but my deepest experience has been spiritual. I have always been interested in a spiritual life and it is important to me to live my life and do my work from this heart center. I work with people holistically, with attention to their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical lives. Helping people balance their lives and come into alignment with who they are is the most exciting work I can imagine!

We all have to make some tough choices that may deeply impact us and those around us. These transitions are crossroads that can lead us in very different directions. I’ve struggled to choose a direction and read the signs in an unknown territory and I’ll bet you have, too. I’m fortunate that I’ve had help and support through these times of uncertainty. I’m who I am today because of the things I learned about myself and others during these experiences.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of clients who have been faced with an equally wide range of important decisions. I learn from them constantly and am inspired by their courage and tenacity, not to mention the humor we are sometimes able to find in tough situations.

No matter what job I’ve had in the outside world, I’ve always been interested in the same search–how can we clarify our vision for our lives and live the life that feels right to us, the one we are meant to live; a life that expresses our gifts, incorporates our consciously chosen values and supports caring relationships? How can we overcome our fears and obstacles and lead a balanced, meaningful life?  Whether the need to re-examine our lives arises from an external event or an internal nudge, this is a process that really excites me.

So…it’s a good thing I’m a coach, right? Some time I’ll have to tell you how having been a principal ballerina helps me in my work  ; )

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