Who am I and Why I’m Here

Hi. I’m Sherry Monroe, a life coach and organizer. I use my background as a therapist to help people take a fresh look at their lives and bring their actions into alignment with their deepest sense of themselves so they can live authentic lives. To live your new life, you will need to re-arrange your current life so that it supports your goals and values. I help you use organizing as a way of committing to your intent by incorporating and releasing things. You learn how to make the small decisions which will set your feet on the path of your conscious choosing.

I’m here to help you realize your dreams and aspirations. Yes, it is possible! You can live an inspired life and you can start this moment. What you do should give you a feeling of freedom and exploration, joy and confidence, openness and hope. If you’re feeling closed in, it’s time to explore your inner self and find your inspiration. I act as a guide to help you reach clarity so you can move forward and feel as if you’re coming home.

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